Social Media Prize

As we are not able to meet in-person, we strive even harder to stay connected!
Therefore, ISSM initiated the ISSM Social Media Prize in collaboration with the ISSM Communication Committee.
Together In Spirit! #JoinUsWMSM21

Register for the WMSM 2021 Meeting, tweet during this virtual meeting and get a chance to win USD 500!


Who can join?
All ISSM Members registered to the WMSM 2021 are invited to tweet content about #WMSM21. The registrant with the best Twitter coverage will be awarded with the Social Media Prize, worth USD 500!

What to do on Twitter to become the Social Media Prize winner?
Registered ISSM Members to the WMSM 2021 are challenged to tweet as much quality content about the WMSM 2021 as you can. To get a chance to win USD 500, your tweets must contain the following criteria:

  1. Use hashtag #WMSM21 and @ISSM_INFO
  2. Tweets content must be original and pertinent. Quality and diversity of the topics covered will increase the chances of winning.
  3. Include a clear picture of the presenter’s slide illustrated by pertinent text. (Copy/paste of the slide without commentary and retweets of other members' posts do not count towards your total number of tweets for the contest).
  4. Tweet the topic of the lecture or the session you attend (e.g., #anorgasmia)
  5. The minimum number of pertinent tweets covering different lectures is 5. But…. the more, the better!

Get extra points!
Be outstanding and get even more chance to become the Social Media Prize Winner by adding the following criteria:

      6. Use hashtag #JoinUsWMSM21
      7. Include the speaker’s name in your tweet or even better; add the speakers’ Twitter account!
      8. Announce in advance that you will attend the WMSM 2021 and why with a short, personal video on Twitter using the hashtags #WMSM21 and                #JoinUsWMSM21!
      9. Grant participants receive extra points if they succeed creating conversations about #WMSM21 on Twitter.

What should you know to participate?

  • Tweets content must be original and pertinent and consist of a clear picture of the presenter’s slide illustrated by pertinent text that should not be a copy/ paste of the slide or repetition of what the speaker said or an appraisal of the speaker.
  • The Twitter account should be a personal account of an ISSM member in good standing registered to the meeting. Societies, journals, sponsors, ISSM committees and/or ISSM board members are not eligible for the Social Media Prize.
  • Other platforms than Twitter (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) are excluded, though feel free to spread the word to join the WMSM 2021.

The tweets will be evaluated by the ISSM Communication Committee who will choose the winner according to the set criteria. The Winner of the Social Media Prize will be announced within 24 hours after the WMSM 2021.

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